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I recently caught up with our trainers and assessors to find out a bit more about their background and what makes them tick.

Today’s interview is with Philip John. Philip is a highly experienced social media marketing trainer and assessor who has extensive experience in content and strategic marketing. Philip runs a marketing agency called Tiger Cub Media! Philip is our lead trainer and assessor for the Diploma of Social Media Marketing.

Michael Young: Hi Phil. What got you into social media marketing?

Philip John: I’ve always had a keen interest in Education and creating better ways for learners to be engaged. It was my years at INS Career Management and conducting workshops on a variety of subjects I decided to look at better ways to deliver dry topics. This has kept me interest and to date I have developed my methodologies for engagement and assessment with relevance.

MY: What is your main focus with your work in social media marketing?

PJ: My main focus with the Units I teach is making sure the learner can correlate the relevance to their own life. Theory is only theory if we cannot apply it to a practical outcomes that makes a difference in our life. I take this approach with every subject I teach. A core part of what I do in marketing is developing collateral and tools to explain complex concepts and ideas to differing audience

MY: What courses did you do to get to where you are?

PJ: I did a Bachelor Degree in Business and Marketing many many years ago and recently got the upgraded Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. The course I took on Human Centred Design (HCD) really did the shift for me and to this day I take a HCD approach to everything I develop.

MY: What does a typical day look like for you?

PJ: During this time, (COVID-19), it’s been about learning and more learning. I have taken short courses a variety of subjects and adding a little bit to my methodologies. I have a creative side that I indulge where I do a lot of video and music composition for different purposes.

MY: The best thing about working in social media marketing and vocational education and training is…

PJ: Watching learners get an “Ah Ha” moment. This really is the best.

MY: What are you currently working on?

PJ: Getting my learning methodology off the ground. I have taken Design Thinking combined it with Agile and Lean methodologies to create a singular method that trainers and students can apply to get more out of vocational education and training (VET) courses.

In terms of marketing, currently I am working with setting up video resources for Colleges to be used for their YouTUBE channels. I am currently producing content for Social Media platforms pertaining to areas in Childcare. Basically I do coaching style of videos which Childcare centres can access so they become better at maintaining compliance.

MY: What are your plans for the future?

PJ: To propagate that methodology and to also market it in the corporate world.

MY: If you could give someone new to social media marketing some advice – what would it be?

PJ: Don’t “chalk and talk” be practical as much as you can, break topics down and make learning fun and relevant.

MY: Thanks Phil.

You can find out more about Philip by checking out his profile on LinkedIn.

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