Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ for training and courses offered by Transformed:

Do you have any funding or access to subsidised training?
For details of the funding available for select courses – please go to our Funding page here for details.
Do you have VET fee help?

Vet Fee help can mean paying off a loan over more time then it takes you to achieve the qualification attached to the loan as well as additional loan fees.

We have payment plans over 6 and 12 months with deposits as low as 0 with no additional fees.  Contact your Transformed representative or call 1300 738 720 for more information.

How do I choose my electives?

Have a look at the course outline and there you will see all the units of the course listed. They are separated into Core, and sometimes Group A and Group B for the electives. 
If you have done a self-assessment survey you’ll see which ones you will be eligible for RPL for, the ones where you are not eligible for RPL will be units that you can study via distance/online (where available). If you eligible for a unit via RPL, you can still choose to study that unit by distance if you choose however it will make a difference to the fee.

If you are curious about the requirements for each unit as defined in the training package – you can search by unit code at training.gov.au.

How do I know if I can study the course via RPL?

Just take a few minutes to complete our self-assessment survey and we’ll review your results and let you know – the link to the assessment is here.

How long does it take to complete a course through distance/online learning?

This really comes down to you. Consider how much time you can assign to study as we recognise many people are generally balancing study with their day job, family commitments and so on. Having a realistic and achievable study plan is recommended. Our completion expectation for distance/online learning is 12 months.

How long does it take to complete a course via Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) method?

We recommend a completion timeframe of 6 months for RPL study and 12 months for distance/online learning. We know that many people are balancing family and jobs as well as study. If you need extra time to complete the qualification we’re happy to discuss an extension – we want you to achieve the end result of a nationally recognised qualification so we’ll work with you to address any challenges. 


How long does it take to complete a qualification?

What are the prices for your courses?

We cost our courses on a unit by unit basis so depending on your self-assessment results and what they show us – this will determine the overall fee. Studying the entire course by RPL is going to be cheaper than if you need to do some or all units by Distance.

What experience do Transformed assessors have in my industry?

Transfomed assessors have a broad range of experience hacing worked with individauls working in the following industries:

  • Defence Operations and Acquisition
  • Government
  • Information and Communications Technology
  • Aviation
  • Emergency Services
  • Electronics
  • Research and Development
  • Policy writing
  • Building and Construction
  • Logistics
What is a training package?

What is an RTO?

What is competency-based training and assessment?


What is credit transfer?

What is online/ distance learning – how does it work?

Our online/distance learning is accessed through our easy to navigate online learning portal or we provide you with self-paced study kits. The online/distance learning method is self-paced so it is up to you to put the time aside to work through the material provided to you. You can access the online portal at any time – day or night. You can email your trainer with any questions via the portal and also submit your assessment work.

What is the difference between a credit transfer and RPL?

RPL stands for Recognition of Prior Learning. This means that we acknowledge that you already know your stuff and have been doing this for a while now so there is no need to study upfront. You can go straight to compiling and submitting your portfolio of evidence for the unit.

A credit transfer is where you are already studied this unit in another course. If you are able to provide a Statement of Attainment or Transcript that shows the unit/s code and we can cross check these against the units in this qualification and give a credit transfer. Where some people get caught out is that sometimes the Government updates the content of the unit and it becomes what is called “superseded”. This means that the unit content has changed enough that you need to study the unit again and therefore there is no credit transfer available. The website training.gov.au can be of assistance in checking individual units for currency. 

What is the difference between Recognition of Prior Learning and Distance Learning?

In layperson’s terms RPL is where you don’t start from scratch with study – you compile an evidence portfolio that demonstrates you are already competent in the required skills and knowledge for each unit of competency. Distance Learning is where you are provided login to an online portal so that you can study the theory content of that unit before proceeding to the assessment. More information about RPL can be found here (link to RPL process page).

If you need to know more about any aspect of our courses – call us on 1300 738 720 or complete our Contact us form here.

What is the piece of paper I get when I achieve a qualification?
What is the VET sector?

What is Transformed's privacy policy when collecting personal information through course enquiries or enrolments?

Please view the Transformed policy document here.

When can I start study – are there enrolment intakes?

You can start whenever you enrol. It takes 2-3 business days to set you up a student and you’ll receive a welcome email and assigned an assessor. Credit card payment is preferred so we can process your enrolment quickly – we also have payment plans available.