PSP40416 – Certificate IV in Government Investigations

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    An investigation is a process of seeking information relevant to an alleged, apparent or potential breach of the law, involving possible judicial proceedings. The primary purpose of an investigation is to gather admissible evidence for any subsequent action, whether under
    criminal, civil penalty, civil, disciplinary or administrative sanctions.

    Investigations can also result in prevention and/or disruption action. The term investigation can also include intelligence processes which directly support the gathering of admissible

    Investigations commonly include human resource related issues, fraud, ethical breaches, human rights abuses, legislative breaches or even safety.

    There are government investigations roles available in all States and Territories and at local, State and Commonwealth government levels.

    Learning Outcomes

    On completion of the course, you will be able to:

    • Uphold and support the values and principles of public service
    • Maintain workplace safety
    • Plan and initiate an investigation
    • Conduct an investigation
    • Finalise an investigation
    • Apply regulatory powers
    • Gather information through interviews
    • Produce formal record of interview
    • Receive and validate data
    • Use advanced workplace communication strategies
    • Conduct search and seizure
    • Prepare a brief of evidence
    • Give evidence
    • Apply government processes
    • Conduct data analysis
    Course Fees and Funding

    Course Price: $3,500 online only
    Fees are GST exempt.

    Successful completion of the qualification within the course duration period, a completion rebate of $250 will be paid.

    Funding Arrangements
    No funding arrangements available

    Support and Delivery

    Take advantage of our online training and assessment delivery, flexible and designed for busy people.

    1. Online Learning – The learning environment provides access to study guides, assessment materials & submission links and online support from your assessor 

    Our Transformed team will support you every step of the way through training literature, videos and assessor contact.

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    Course Duration

    The completion timeframe for this qualification is 18 months.

    You’re provided with a detailed study plan to help with planning out your effort and
    study timeline.

    The flexibility of online learning allows you to complete the course sooner if you want.

    Course Structure

    To achieve the qualification you must complete 15 subjects (6 core and 9 electives).

      Core Units

      Unit code Description
      PSPETH002 Uphold and support the values
      and principles of public service
      PSPINV001 Plan and initiate an investigation
      PSPINV002 Conduct an investigation.
      PSPINV003 Finalise an investigation
      PSPREG003 Apply regulatory powers
      PSPREG012 Gather information through interviews

      Elective Units

      The following 9 elective units are preselected – no additional choices are offered and all units
      must be completed.

      Unit code Description
      BSBWHS301 Maintain workplace safety
      PSPREG006 Produce formal record of interview
      PSPGEN038 Identify and treat risk
      PSPGEN033 Use advanced workplace communication strategies
      PSPREG009 Conduct search and seizure
      PSPREG010 Prepare a brief of evidence
      PSPREG011 Give evidence
      PSPGEN043 Apply government processes
      PSPLEG002 Encourage compliance with legislation in the public sector


      Student Profile

      Demand for skilled and experienced investigators is growing.

      The course program covers understanding and application of regulatory powers, planning and conducting investigations, gathering and managing evidence, interviewing skills and reporting on investigation outcomes.

      This course is suitable for:

      • Investigators in local, state, or federal government.
      • Those wishing to enter government and take up an investigation position.
      • Investigators already in government seeking to comply with the Attorney General’s Guidelines.

      The PSP40616 Certificate IV in Government Investigations is the perfect qualification for anyone who undertakes or is charged with the responsibility for:

      • Internal bullying, harassment or other disciplinary investigations
      • Investigation of public interest disclosures or whistleblower legislation
      • Due diligence investigations
      • Discrimination, victimisation investigations
      • Inappropriate conduct or use of power investigations
      • Grievance and complaint investigations
      • Non-compliance investigations
      • Health and safety investigations
      Career and Salary

      investigator salary


      Data as of November 2022 – seek.com.au
      Entry Requirements
      • No pre-requisites
      • Must have access to a computer and the internet or an internet enabled device

      Expected level of student skills: It is expected students have a level of digital literacy to access information, communicate and complete training and assessment activities using a computer/tablet and our online learning platform. Students will be required to complete a number of tasks independently, and to have the skills to manage their own time and study. Students are expected to be able to research and analyse information, and to apply knowledge to real world situations.

      Students will be required to independently read and understand a range of different documents including organisation policies, plans, guidelines & procedures, external documentation (may include codes, policies and articles), handbooks, instruction guides (and where applicable drawing and plans). Students are also required to develop written documentation, including risk assessments, action plans, logs, reports.

      A key skill for this program is the ability to effectively communicate with others in English.

      Technology requirements: Students should be able to access and use computer/tablet device with word processing software, internet browser, email account and webcam/microphone and speakers (or headset). An internet connection is also required.


      Participants are required to undertake a number of assessment activities, including:

      • Various work-based assessment tasks; and
      • Completion of written questions and answers.

      Easy to follow templates and instructions are provided.

      Assessment for the CertificateIV in Government Investigations is against the competency standards within the Public Sector Training Package (PSP).

      Recognition of Prior Learning

      Do you have a number of years experience in government? You can complete this qualification via RPL. No exams, tests or assessments to do. Complete the Certificate IV based on your existing knowledge and skills.