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Solopreneurship has exploded in recent years. There are now millions of people globally who fit the description of “an individual entrepreneur who works alone and runs their business single-handedly”.

But just because you’re running solo, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t stay on top of the latest trends. The business world and customer needs are changing faster than ever. It’s never been more important for solopreneurs to stay alert and ahead of the game.

The best part is that solopreneurs have a more agile business model than any other business. It’s easy to adapt and change your business direction to tap into future trends. In fact, along with flexible working and independence, this is one of the biggest reasons people choose to become solopreneurs. (There is a dark side too, as we discuss in this article)

So, what does 2019 hold for solopreneurs and how can you use the evolving trends to propel your business growth?

Tap into the ‘gig economy’

Just because you’re a solopreneur doesn’t mean you need to do everything yourself. That’s where the rise of the gig economy will help you in 2019. The gig economy is an environment in which temporary job roles are common, and organisations are contracting independent workers for short-term engagements (‘gigs’).

For solopreneurs, this means there’s a growing pool of talented workers you can draw on for support across all parts of your business – marketing, bookkeeping, administration, and more. Not only is there more talent available, it’s also easier to hire them. There’s less time running through applications and interviewing, and workers can hit the ground running. Check out Seek’s Sidekickerfor information on how it works. And read my tips how to free up your time by creating a team.

Real relationships trump technology

Technology runs our lives more than ever, but in 2019 we’ll see a shift back to real relationships in business. Despite all the benefits of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Agents, clients are looking for service providers and suppliers who provide the personal touch.

What does this mean for you? It means you should find more ways to connect with clients in person to build trust and strengthen connections. By all means, use automation where you can to improve process efficiencies, but do not ignore the power of the human touch.


The customer review is king

Exactly how important are customer reviews? Consider this: 97% of people say that customer reviews factor into their buying decision. What’s more, 92% of consumers step back from making a purchase decision if there aren’t any customer reviews. Customer reviews will continue to be one of the greatest influencers of any business in 2019.

So, if you want to grow your business, start asking for feedback and use this feedback in your marketing and sales campaigns to convert potential customers. Not sure where to start? Here are three easy ways to collect customer feedback.

Rise in ethical consumerism

Consumers want responsible businesses. Businesses want to work with other responsible businesses. In 2019, it’s no longer an option for businesses to serve a social purpose, it’s demanded by consumers and society as a whole, as the ABC recently reported. Solopreneurs are not exempt from this; rather, you are best placed to walk the talk and address the growing demand for ethical behaviour across your business practices.


Over to you

It’s never been more important for solopreneurs to keep their fingers on the pulse to help drive their business forward in 2019 and beyond. How will you tap into these trends to achieve your business goals in the coming year?

P.S We’re taking a blog break until February 2019 – we’ll be back with more excellent content for you then. 

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