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Essential ways to maximise this EOFY 

June 30 is hurtling towards us. But it’s not only your tax and finances you should be thinking about at this time of year. 

Now is the ideal time to review your business goals, take stock and get ready for bigger, better results in the second half of 2019. 

With so much on your plate in June, the challenge is knowing where to invest your energy. 

That’s why we’ve outlined the three essential actions to get your business prepared to take on the new financial year with gusto. 

Let’s dive in:

Action #1. Review your marketing strategy. 

Use this time to look over your marketing performance from the past year. 

  • What worked? 
  • What mistakes should you avoid
  • Which channels delivered the best return on investment? 
  • What can you automate to make your marketing easier?

Take everything you’ve learned and use it to drive more leads and conversions in the coming year. 

If you haven’t been tracking the success of your marketing efforts, now is the time to put some measurement tools into place. Google Analytics is a great place to start. 

Action #2. Look over your business goals and vision

Go back to your business goals. Are they still relevant? If not, what’s changed?

We know this takes some careful reflection during a busy time of year, but it’s worth it if you want to ensure that any activities and budget in the second half of 2019 are working towards the right objectives. 

Do a SWOT Analysis to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your business, your offering, and your competition. 

Once you have your goals lined up, consider this: is your team armed with the skills to achieve them

Do you have the grants and funding you need?

To make the most of this process, set some time aside in your calendar and use these free templates and tools

Action #3. Analyse the market

Things move fast in today’s business world, so chances are you are not playing in the same field as you were six months ago. Take the time to do a full SWOT analysis and make sure your business is ready to adapt to any market changes, such as new competitors.

Has your target market changed? What are their needs looking like for the next six months? A quick survey of your clients will tell you. 


June isn’t just about getting everything sorted for the Australian Tax Office (though that’s important) – it’s the ideal time to focus your business and get in the right headspace for the new financial year. 

Talk to us about a complimentary 30-minute discussion with Michael about growing your sustainable energy business.


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