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What does a day in the life of a social media marketer look like?

Today I catch up with social media marketer Kate Burton to chat about what it takes to excel as a social media marketer in today’s industry.

Kate is the author of a number of articles on our social media blog so I thought it would be great to find out more about Kate and why she has taken up a career in social media.

Michael Young: Tell us about yourself? 

Kate Burton: I’m a multi passionate, multi faceted entrepreneur. I love business, especially social media marketing. I am a passionate equestrian, lover of nature and animals and I adore food, wine and travel. I am also keen on health and fitness and stay active as much as possible.

MY: What got you into social media marketing?

KB: I could see the potential avenues for growth for businesses. I found it fascinating from the start and could see it unfolding as the perfect lifestyle business for me. I could take my marketing, creativity and good people skills and integrate them with this whole new world and be well paid for it. It was irresistible to me and I knew I had to pursue it.

MY: What is your main focus with social media marketing?

KB: My main focus at this stage is to ascertain the best avenues for growth for my small agency Your Social VA. At this stage I am in the start up phase and still experimenting with who I want to work with and where my scope of genius lies.

MY: What courses did you do to get to where you are?

KB: I tackled growing my skills in a number of ways the most significant was investing in Social Media Colleges’s Social Media marketing Intensive course & also their Facebook ads course. However I also invested in a business mentor who is in the same field I want to enter and having success in the way that I want to… This ensured I took the most direct steps to growing successfully and achieving what I want. It also helped to avoid some of the pitfalls and mishaps that come with being green and inexperienced. I also read blog posts, listen to podcasts and read books.

MY: As a side note, Transformed has partnered with Social Media College to offer the Diploma in Social Media Marketing as well as short courses in Facebook Advertising, Instagram Advertising and LinkedIn Marketing.

MY: What is the best thing about working in social media?

KB: It’s creative, it’s multi faceted, it’s technical and specialised with the ability to pick and choose which platforms you resonate with and want to get really proficient in. it is also constantly changing and it has limitless potential. It gives everyone a voice and a chance to be seen and heard.

MY: What are you currently working on?

KB: I am currently working hard on growing my business and completing my Facebook ads course.

MY: What are your plans for the future?

KB: My plans for the future are mainly focused on growing my business to the eventual point that I can have work life balance and ride my horse every day and work from home.

MY: If you could give someone who was thinking about working in social media some advice – what would it be?

KB: Do certified courses that work for you, find a good mentor and don’t stop learning. The more you continuously learn and grow in every aspect of your life the better your life and career will be.

MY: Thanks for the catch up today Kate. It was great to hear about your background and experience.

KB: Thanks Michael for the opportunity to chat.

You can find out more about Kate on Facebook or contact her at Your Social VA.

You can also find out more about social media marketing by checking out our social media marketing blog.

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