CPD Training with Transformed

Many professional disciplines are required to maintain their knowledge and show evidence to keep certifications and memberships up to date.  Acquiring CPD points can be achieved through a variety of activities such as attending short courses/ webinars and industry events such as conferences.

Where to get CPD points – Transformed offers several options for accessing Continuing Professional Development points quickly and easily.

  1. Undertake a qualification and on completion, present the Statement of Attainment to the relevant organisation.  A Diploma of Procurement and Contracting can be worth as many as 30 CPD points with organisations such as CIPS (as of Feb 2019).
  2. Undertake a short course for short, bite-sized knowledge and skill enhancement and to show completion of online learning/ short courses.

How many points per hour of study? 

Most organisations allocate 1 point for every hour of online learning – our short courses in procurement and contract management range from 4 to 8 hours.

What can CPD points be used for?

CPD points can be used to demonstrate regular industry involvement, maintenance and enhancement of skills and knowledge as part of requirements for certain memberships and certifications.       

CPD for Organisations

Create an exceptional CPD learning experience your members will love.

Are you an organisation that wants to provide CPD training options but struggle to find the in-house expertise or budget to create online professional development training?

We can work closely with you to create customised video-based CPD training that your members can access anywhere, any time.

If we don’t have the content you want – don’t worry and don’t pay exorbitant training development costs. Simply promote the course link to your membership base through your members pages and email marketing and if you register 40+ members – it’s free.

We can source the experts and develop new courses based on your priorities

With CPD training courses by Transformed your organisation can:

  • Diversify and grow your revenue beyond membership fees
  • Ease of earning CPD points to maintain their membership/ certification
  • Added value for regional members who can’t attend conferences and events
  • Confidence that they are learning from the peak association in their field