Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) - PSP52510

Diploma of Government (Procurment and Contracting) PSP52510


The Diploma of Government ( Procurement and Contracting) combines best practice theory with practical examples of workplace application. Participants will gain an understanding of the public sector business environment as well as acquire specialist skills and knowledge for purchasing, procurement and contracting activities in government.

This qualification is designed for project team members and those involved in administration and/or purchasing and procurement activities.

The Diploma of Government ( Procurement and Contracting) is a nationally recognised, competencybased qualification. The Diploma consists of thirteen units of competency based on the Public Sector Training Package (PSP04).

The qualification is delivered in a self-paced flexible approach, offering learning with minimal impact on participants’ valuable time.

Transformed’s team of experienced facilitators have extensive on-the-job experience across a broad range of industries, including government. They offer real world examples to demonstrate how the practical application of theory can deliver outstanding outcomes.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this program, participants will be able to:

  • Establish, manage and finalise contracts, including managing contract performance;
  • Understand and promote the values and ethos of the public service and promote diversity;
  • Undertake research and analysis activities;
  • Apply government processes, support the implementation of policy and encourage compliance with legislation;
  • Effectively demonstrate and use a range of complex workplace communication strategies, including negotiation skills; and
  • Coordinate risk management activities and manage contract risk.


Transformed offers flexible training and assessment options which allow participants to fit in their
training program around work and other commitments. Transformed offers three flexible learning
pathways to enable participants to complete this qualification. They are:

1. Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)/Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) Pathway - this pathway involves assessment only, assessing evidence of existing skills and knowledge against the competency standards.

2. Combined Coaching/RPL Pathway - this pathway provides for an up-front assessment of existing skills and knowledge, where it is anticipated that some or all competencies are likely to be achieved via the standard RPL process. An individual coaching plan is developed and a number of one-on-one coaching sessions are scheduled to help address any identified skills gaps. Participants may also need to complete additional assessment activities to supplement their coaching.

3. Distance learning / E-Learning - this pathway provides an interactive online virtual learning environment to train and support participants throughout the duration of their course. The Transformed team will keep in touch every step of the way and guide participants either through training literature, videos and trainer / assessor contact. There are online staff rooms so that learners can meet with their trainers to discuss and share work.

Please discuss course delivery options with a Transformed team member. Course delivery is mainly based on self paced study, however not all units are available via this route. Face to face delivery is available within organisations for groups of 8 or more.

The Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) involves successful completion of thirteen of the following units consisting of ten core and three elective units

Core units

  • PSPETHC501B Promote the values and ethos of public service
  • PSPGOV507A Undertake negotiations
  • PSPLEGN501B Promote compliance with legislation in the public sector
  • PSPPROC503B Manage contract performance
  • PSPPROC504B Finalise contracts
  • PSPPROC505A Manage procurement risk
  • PSPPROC506A Plan to manage a contract
  • PSPPROC507A Plan for procurement outcomes
  • PSPPROC508A Make procurement decisions
  • PSPGOV504B Undertake research and analysis

Elective units

  • BSBPMG510A Manage projects
  • BSBPUR504B Manage a supply chain
  • PSPFIN501A Apply public sector financial policies and processes

Please note that not all electives are available via distance learning / online. Please discuss your preferred selection of electives with Transformed before enrolling.


Self-paced study over a 12 month period.

Participant Profile

This program is designed for those experienced in working in the government environment, in senior administration or leadership roles, in particular:

  • Contract Administrators
  • Team Leaders in a procurement/purchasing environment; and
  • Contract Managers.


There are no pre-requisites for this program, however, participants should aim to undertake significant work experience in a contract management and/or leadership role during this program to provide supporting workplace evidence to demonstrate their competency.

For participants without work-based experience, it is recommended they complete the Certificate IV in Government (Procurement and Contracting prior to enrolment in this program or have a minimum of two years experience working in a contract management environment.


Participants are required to undertake a number of assessment activities, including:

  • Multiple choice exam;
  • Assessment tasks; and
  • Written question and answers.

Assessment for the Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting) is against the competency standards within the Public Sector Training Package (PSP04). Participants can expect to spend about 120 hours undertaking assessment tasks.

Recognition of Prior Learning

Assessment by portfolio and interview is available to those with substantial workplace experience in procurement and contract administration roles in government. This approach requires the participant to furnish comprehensive evidence of contract management experience as well as evidence supporting an understanding and application of skills and knowledge relevant to working in the government environment, along with a signed reference from a team leader or manager.

Where to Next

  • Advanced Diploma of Government (Procurement and Contracting)

Various tertiary institutions have recognised and awarded advanced standing credit for those who have successfully completed a Diploma level program upon application for qualifications such as a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Masters in Business.

Further Information

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"...I originally enrolled in Transformed's Diploma of Project Management on the basis of their flexibility. ..As I subsequently discovered, Transformed's approach extends even further to include 'one on one' coaching sessions... and adjusting the training to fit in with the client.."

Michael Irwin, Austrade
"I engaged Michael Young from Transformed to assess me for the Australian Institute of Project Management Certified Practicing Project Manager. I wanted to be certified as I wanted to verify that the skills and knowledge was in line with industry best-practice. At first it seemed a bit daunting, however, Michael made the process very easy, providing templates for references and self-assessment as well as providing a list of the project management documents I would need to provide as evidence. The assessment interview was very relaxed and more like a conversation than an assessment, which brought out the best experiences to evidence my capabilities. Because of Michael's current government security clearance, we were able to look at specific of particular projects, rather me than having to spend a heap of time sanitising documents. Since the assessment, I have been successful in gaining a promotion.."

Mike McCarthy